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The UNWLA has entered another realm of fundraising for our relief efforts in Ukraine. We are selling digital collectibles or NFTs (non-fungible tokens) – digital art images that can be projected on your wall or used anywhere you might use a digital image, such as your Facebook profile picture. On March 21, these three beautiful “Pysanky of Hope” digital collectibles were introduced at a drop party at the Ukrainian Institute of America.

DSC00551 | UNWLA - Ukrainian National Womens League of America
three Ukrainian easter eggs - pysanky - that symbolize protection, rebirth, peace

Sofika Zielyk, a renowned pysanka artist and ethnographer, created three original designs based on her extensive research with pysanky designs and symbols. She is also a member of UNWLA Branch 64 in New York. These beautiful pysanky were created into digital images by artist Anthony Fatato. Each pysanka symbolizes a prayer for protection, peace, and rebirth. The UNWLA has partnered with to create and sell these images. The affordable prices of the designs make them accessible to a wider audience, and their secure NFT format ensures that they remain unique and valuable.

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The Prayer for Protection Pysanka sells for $100, the Prayer for Peace Pysanka is $50, and the Prayer for Rebirth Pysanka is just $25. Consider donating to our humanitarian aid efforts by purchasing one or more of these beautiful collectibles. Suppose each of our members/supporters purchases just one image for $25. In that case, the UNWLA will quickly raise $30,000- 40,000, immediately converting into value in Ukraine as humanitarian aid and rebuilding funding. A donation of $25, $50, or $100 might seem small, but the potential impact is enormous. We hope to create more of these beautiful collectibles, not only by Sofika Zielyk but by Ukrainian refugee artists worldwide.

The ‘Pysanky of Hope’ NFT series is more than just digital art – it symbolizes hope and resilience for Ukraine. Join the UNWLA in their mission to support Ukraine and purchase this incredible collection today.