PYSANKY BANNERS | UNWLA - Ukrainian National Womens League of America

The Ukrainian National Women’s League of America (UNWLA) invites the world to invest in peace and support Ukraine by purchasing unique digital collectibles. Pysanky of Hope Series by artist Anthony Fatato features three pysanky based on the original artwork of renowned ethnographer, pysanka (Ukrainian Easter egg) artist, and Fulbright Scholar Sofika Zielyk. The sale aims to raise funds for Ukrainian humanitarian aid initiatives, increase awareness of Ukraine’s current needs, and provide hope for Ukrainians suffering the consequences of Russia’s brutal aggression.

“This project shows the aggressor and the world that we have been here all along, we remain here, and we will always be here.” – pysanka artist Sofika Zielyk 

The NFTs (digital collectibles) will drop at the UNWLA’s website on Tuesday, March 21, 2023. Buyers can use a credit card or crypto wallet to purchase the NFTs. Proceeds from the sale will go to the UNWLA’s Humanitarian Aid Fund. A total of 7,000 NFTs will be sold to raise $300,000. As the NFTs are sold repeatedly, additional funds will be raised for the UNWLA’s humanitarian relief efforts.

In conjunction with the NFT “drop,” the UNWLA and the Ukrainian Institute of America in New York will host a reception at the Institute for members of the press, artists, diplomats, and activists.

About This Project
Ukrainian hand-decorated eggs, known as pysanky (singular: pysanka), are traditionally created during springtime and have always been associated with rebirth and hope – our event taking place on the first day of spring is purposely poignant. Covered in symbolic motifs, pysanky were used in ancient rituals to hasten the rebirth of the sun god and all of nature after a long winter. Indeed, continuing the tradition of the pysanka, passed down from mother to daughter, was said to ensure that the world would continue to survive.
In March 2022, one month after Russia invaded Ukraine, pysanka artist Sofika Zielyk launched a cultural counteroffensive. Her installation at the Ukrainian Institute of America, The Pysanka: A Symbol of Hope, invited children and adults of all backgrounds and beliefs to create and donate pysanky to the installation.
In just a few short months, Ms. Zielyk curated a collection of over 500 pysanky. Each egg tells a story of family, tradition, and, ultimately hope for the Ukrainian people and for a world committed to peace. When the war in Ukraine is over, all the pysanky from the installation will travel to Ukraine to be used in ancient symbolic rituals of rebirth. They will be buried in the ground for a good harvest, added to cattle feed for healthier livestock, and placed in homes being rebuilt as protection against evil spirits, thus figuratively hastening the rebirth of a nation.

“The value of peace and restitution is and can be equal to the price of waging war.”
NFT artist Anthony Fatato   

About the Ukrainian National Women’s League of America (UNWLA)

Established in 1925, this volunteer-led group the largest and longest-running Ukrainian women’s organization in the U.S. has supported Ukraine for nearly a century. Our mission is to promote and develop educational and cultural initiatives and provide humanitarian assistance to Ukrainians worldwide. 

About the Ukrainian Institute of America (UIA) 

Located on Museum Mile in the heart of Manhattan, the UIA is a non-profit organization promoting the art, music, and literature of Ukraine and the Ukrainian diaspora. It has hosted public art exhibitions, concerts, film screenings, poetry readings, literary evenings, children’s programs, lectures, symposia, and full educational programs for nearly 75 years.  

About Zeromint 

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