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Featured Advocacy Project: Ukrainian Independence Day 2023

This year marks the 32nd anniversary of Ukraine’s independence. In Ukraine’s struggle to maintain its freedom, we want to ensure that Ukraine’s aspirations to live in a free and democratic nation are in the mind of the global community.

How can you help Ukraine right now? Join the community of UNWLA Advocates! Celebrate, light up your local landmarks blue and yellow, say thanks, and reach out to your elected officials – our comprehensive Toolkit and sample letters will support you every step of the way.

Need more information? Check out these resources here, prepared in collaboration between UNWLA, the American Coalition for Ukraine, and Klych.


New Haven Green 2022 | UNWLA - Ukrainian National Womens League of America

August 24, 2022 – The raising of the Ukrainian flag on the historic New Haven Green included the mayor of New Haven, Justin Elicker, and the Congresswoman from the third district and Chair of the Appropriations committee, Rosa DeLauro. She sponsored bill HR 7691 which was Additional Ukraine Supplemental Appropriations Act for $40 billion which was passed on 5-19-22 and signed into law by President Biden. 

What does UNWLA Advocacy do?

When we feel powerless, advocacy provides a way to empower ourselves and make a difference for Ukraine. The UNWLA Advocacy Committee’s work began with an Advocacy seminar by Vera Andryczyk on February 24th, 2022. We have launched a 7-day Advocacy Challenge, each offering participants different ways to speak up for Ukraine. Our campaign resulted in R.T. and its sister networks being dropped from U.S. cable providers. In June 2022, activists traveled to Washington, D.C., to meet with elected officials and raise awareness of Ukrainian issues in person.

  • Federal Advocacy Campaigns
  • Ukraine Action Summit
  • Training members to meet with their elected officials in person, and to empower Ukrainian voices in their communities.
  • Building relationships with community organizations and local government
  • Fostering closer links between Ukrainian and American cities
  • Issuing proclamations for Ukrainian Independence Day (August 24th)
  • Lighting up cities blue and yellow
  • Supporting members in sharing Ukraine’s culture and its stories
  • Promoting decolonization of Eastern European Studies
  • Giving members tools to advocate for Ukrainian culture

Advocacy: editorial column by UNWLA President

While our organization has been involved in education, sharing Ukrainian culture, and engaging in humanitarian aid efforts for all of our 98 years of existence, it is absolutely clear that our number one priority in the U.S. today must be advocacy. Because without the support of the United States, the way forward for Ukraine will be very challenging. And so, since the beginning of the full-scale escalation of russia’s war on Ukraine, the UNWLA has been at the forefront of advocacy efforts in the U.S.  We have: -> formed the American Coalition for Ukraine (ACU) together with four other national organizations; -> provided a leading voice for the ACU through our national advocacy chair, Marianna Tretiak, who has educated and trained hundreds of participants from [...]


Screenshot 2023 07 21 at 8.58.07 AM | UNWLA - Ukrainian National Womens League of America


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