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UNWLA was founded almost 100 years ago to support Ukrainian women in the US and abroad. Throughout the decades, our strength has been our ability to extend a helping hand to each other locally and globally. Since the beginning of the Russian war on Ukraine in 2014, over 60,000 Ukrainian women have joined military ranks to protect their homes, loved ones, and their country from Russian aggression. However, the army’s standard protective gear and uniforms aren’t tailored to women’s bodies. We see this as an opportunity for our powerful, women-led community in the US to step up and help those women warriors be warm and comfortable as they fend off the enemy.

We are proud to have partnered with the Ukrainian NGO Zemliachky last year. NGO Zemliachky provides direct support to the brave women on the frontlines of the war. Our Winter 2023 – 2024 fundraising campaign raised $113,000 and helped fund winter uniforms tailored to female bodies, boots, outerwear, and other personal items that are much needed by women on the frontlines. Your donations have already helped many women stay warm and agile while defending Ukraine.

Starting in Spring 2024, fundraising for the brave Ukrainian women on the frontlines will continue. Funds will be directed toward purchasing supplies and funding mental health programs for women on active duty. The majority of women serving in the Ukrainian army are young, and we must ensure that after the war, they can return to normal life, create families, and continue building a prosperous Ukraine. And Soyuzianky will always be the partner they can lean on.

Please continue your support for Ukrainian women.

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