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This program, in existence since 1967, was founded to support disadvantaged students. They range from elementary school students to doctoral candidates. Since its inception, more than $5M has been awarded to over 5,000 recipients from 17 countries. Since 1989, Ukraine has been included in the program. Recipients are recommended by educators and partners associated with UNWLA in the students’ country of residence.

The success of the program has been made possible through the generous support of the UNWLA, its branches, individual branch members, sponsors, and benefactors of the UNWLA Program.

How to Help

To sponsor a student or donate to the program – contact the UNWLA Scholarship Office at [email protected]. You can also fill out the Sponsor Agreement Form and send it in to the Scholarship Office.

For more information please view Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I contribute?2022-05-05T23:28:57-04:00

To sponsor a student, contact the UNWLA Inc. Scholarship Program office to get a copy of the Sponsors’ Agreement FormFill out the form with your preferences, and along with your check, send it to UNWLA Inc. in Matawan, NJ

To donate, write out a check to UNWLA Inc. Scholarship Program and send it to the UNWLA Inc. in Matawan, NJ.

UNWLA Inc. Scholarship Program Office Contact Info

Telephone/ Fax Number – 732-441-9530 or email [email protected]

UNWLA Inc. Scholarship Program Office Mailing Address


PO Box 24

Matawan, NJ 07747-0024

Please make checks payable to – UNWLA Inc Scholarship Program


Ukrainian National Women’s League of America, Inc., is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization under IRS Code 501 (c) 3 and your contributions are tax-deductible within the limits of IRS laws.

What percentage of the contributions received are designated for administrative costs?2020-11-22T01:11:50-05:00

Our administrative costs are approximately 15 percent, and we are able to maintain this low percentage because all UNWLA Scholarship Program Committee members, including the committee chairwoman, are volunteers. For this reason, we encourage donors to consider contributing to our administrative costs as well.

What are the ways I can contribute to the Scholarship Program?2022-05-05T23:35:05-04:00
  • As a Sponsor you are assigned a specific student with who you can have direct communications. You can also choose not to have the direct communication. Just let us know your preference.
  • As a Contributor, you can contribute directly to UNWLA Inc. Scholarship Program without assignment of a particular student.
  • As a Benefactor, you establish an Endowment or Memorial Fund, with specific instructions of how income from that fund is suppose to be used by the UNWLA Inc. Scholarship program. This includes funds from inheritances or estates that must be set up in a manner specified by the benefactors’ last will and testament and according to IRS laws.
Do you send stipends to orphanages and/or educational institutions?2020-11-22T01:10:35-05:00

No. Stipends from our program are intended for individual students not institutions

How are the students selected?2020-11-22T01:10:07-05:00

They must be attending school, with documented enrollment, and comply with all requirements. Priority is given to the needy: orphans, abandoned children, children with guardians, children from large families or single-parent households, children in foster care, and/or disadvantaged children. All other candidates are considered according to economic need.

How long is the student eligible to participate in the program and receive assistance?2020-11-22T01:09:38-05:00

In most cases, students are eligible until they complete their studies.

Does the program include post-graduate studies?2020-11-22T01:08:43-05:00


Will I be assigned the same student next year?2020-11-22T01:08:26-05:00

Yes, as long as your student is continuing his/her studies and sends all the required documents with proper recommendations. You will be notified if any changes occur in the students’ status.

How will I know that my student received the stipend?2020-11-22T01:07:23-05:00

When the students receive a stipend, they are notified who their sponsor is. It is the students’ responsibility to write to his/her sponsor. If this does not occur, please let the scholarship office know. In addition, the scholarship office receives a signed form from each student acknowledging receipt of the stipend.

What documentation is required from student?2020-11-22T01:06:50-05:00

We receive the following documents annually:

  • UNWLA Information/Application Form with recommendations
  • Copies of: Certificate of School Attendance and/or acceptance
  • Copies of prior (completed) year’s report card, index, or transcript.
  • Three small (passport size) photos.
  • Handwritten autobiography in Ukrainian
  • Copy of parent death certificate and/or guardianship certificate for under-aged students
When should donations be sent?2020-11-22T01:06:19-05:00

Donations may be made at any time, but will only be forwarded to your student after a students’ application has been processed and the proper documentation has been received by the UNWLA Scholarship Program office. Stipends are awarded at different times of the year, depending in which country your student resides. You will be notified when your student returns to school and/or if he or she has graduated.

Are academic years the same in South America, Europe and the United States?2020-11-22T01:05:41-05:00

No. In South America, the school year runs from February to December. In the United States and Europe, the school year runs from September to June.

How long before I learn about my student?2020-11-22T01:05:09-05:00

After an appropriate student is found, you will be notified by mail. You will receive the name, address, a photograph and a brief family history of your student.

May I recommend a student for the program?2021-04-29T01:23:06-04:00

No. We only accept recommendations from educators and partners in the countries where our program exists. These partners recommend and coordinate the distribution of stipends to students,

May I choose the student I want to sponsor?2020-11-22T01:03:58-05:00

No. However you may indicate your preference as to a boy or girl, grade, and country.
See the Sponsor Agreement Form.

Who may sponsor?2022-05-05T23:30:04-04:00

Individuals, civic clubs, church and other organizations, including UNWLA Inc. Branches and Regional Councils.

More than $5M has been awarded to over 5,000 recipients from 17 countries

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