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Here in UNWLA we always have been focused on preserving and cultivating Ukrainian heritage. While doing so, we continue to look for innovative ways to promote our culture. Last week UNWLA National Culture Chair Oksana Piaseckyj launched a new toolkit that will aid anyone who is interested in doing the same.

During the russian war on Ukraine, the importance of decolonizing and reclaiming Ukrainian culture has become even more acutely necessary.

The ongoing conflict, fueled by Russia’s desire to subjugate Ukraine entirely, has underscored the urgent need for Ukrainians to assert their cultural identity and preserve their heritage in the face of brutal aggression. 

“Reclaiming Our Cultural Heritage” toolkit/handbook provides a guide to Ukrainian culture, including visual arts, music, film, dance, cuisine and literature, identifying those that have been erroneously portrayed as “Russian” and providing pathways to correct the false information.

You can download the toolkit here 

Watch the video recording here:

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Take this toolkit to action! Reach out to your local cinemas, galleries, restaurants, and so on, and invite them to explore and offer their clients elements of Ukrainian culture. 

Once you’ve done so, please share it with us. There is also a place to record your success, we created a Google form that is easy to fill.

And you’ll see that of others – results will be available in a Google sheet.  

We will make sure to share your achievements with all UNWLA members and beyond.