Ukraine needs more military aid – and it needs it now. This FAQ explains the need for defensive aid: what is needed, and why it is needed. Please share it with your partners, colleagues, friends, and family.

Q: What can I do to help Ukraine?

The most important thing that Ukraine needs now is defensive aid. The more defensive and the better support Ukrainians have, the faster they can end the war. Ukraine needs MORE defensive support – planes and fighter jets, air defense systems, and advanced missiles.

The best thing you can do at this time is to call/email the White House.

WhiteHouse comment line: 202-456-1111 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 11:00 am to 3:00 pm)

Q: Why is advanced defensive support so important for Ukraine?

Although Ukrainians have fought bravely and shown the true inadequacy of the Russian Army, they are still facing a much larger enemy. Here are the numbers at the beginning of the war:

Russia Ukraine Military defense 1 | UNWLA - Ukrainian National Womens League of America

Yes, you read that right! At the beginning of the war, Russia had more than 10X the aircraft & almost 20X naval vessels of Ukraine. The Ukrainian army has been incredibly effective at attacking Russian equipment, but with such a huge imbalance – they need all the support they can get.  In fact, the more Ukrainian troops fight back on the ground, the more vicious Russia’s air attacks have become.

The worst of Russia’s attacks on Ukraine and its civilians come from the air – missiles launched from ships, advanced missile arrays, bombs dropped from planes, and artillery shells fired kilometers away. To counter these attacks, they need advanced anti-aircraft/anti-missile batteries, fighter jets, surface-to-air, and surface-to-sea missiles.   


Since the start of the war (as of April 1st);

  • 859 educational institutions were damaged due to bombing and shelling. 83 of them were completely destroyed
  • 135 buildings of historical importance were damaged, including churches, theaters, and museums (source). 
  • In Kharkiv alone, a total of 1,531 objects have been destroyed, including 1,292 residential houses. The Russian army destroyed 76 secondary schools, 54 nursery schools, 16 hospitals. A total of 239 administrative buildings are lying in ruins.
  • 90% of Mariupol’s residential buildings have been damaged and 40% reduced to rubble.  
  • Russia has launched missiles from the Black Sea to attack far beyond the front lines – including Odesa and deep into Western Ukraine.
  • 1793 confirmed civilian deaths by the UN153 of them are children.  The real number will definitely be higher.

Q: What about all the help the US has already given?  I heard we were sending a billion dollars of military aid?  What about the switchblade kamikaze drones?

A: Ukraine is grateful for the support so far, but unfortunately, it is nowhere near what they need to win the war against a much larger and stronger aggressor. In his speech to the Joint Expeditionary Forces, President Zelensky said that Ukraine was using in one day what was originally allocated for the week. The US is only sending over a hundred kamikaze drones in total when thousands are needed.  And, to date, not one of the 100 switchblades promised a month ago has arrived in Ukraine.


Q: What does Ukraine need from its allies / from the US?

A: The Ukrainian sky must be protected – this is the only way to stop the senseless slaughter of civilians, the widespread destruction of homes, schools, and hospitals, and the absolute destruction of our nation. 

Ukraine’s army, navy, and airforce are ready to do the work! The main tools they need are fighter jets and air defense systems. Successful air defense requires a full system of tools – fighter jets, drones, portable missile defense systems such as Stingers, and larger missile defense systems such as the S-300 and harpoon missiles.

Q: How is Ukraine’s military going to protect the sky? What does it need all of these weapons for? 

A: To protect the Ukrainian sky, the armed forces must do three things. 

  1. Intercept Russian planes and missiles that violate their airspace. 
  2. Destroy Russian air defense capabilities operating on their territory and shoot down their jets. 
  3. Destroy the artillery systems, missile launchers, and boats firing on Ukrainian cities


Q: The White House says Ukraine does not need airplanes & that they are not the best tools to fight the Russians. Is this true?

A: The Ukrainian army knows its needs best. Why is the United States government ignoring the requests of Ukrainians actually fighting this war? A successful air defense strategy must include multiple elements – fighter jets, drones, handheld air defense systems such as Stingers, and long-range surface-to-air defense systems. Ukrainians cannot defend themselves without a full arsenal.

Q: What about the risk of entering into direct conflict with Russia?  What about WWIII?

A: Ukraine is already using weapons and equipment from many countries. If Ukraine is using drones from China and Turkey, does this mean China and Turkey are at war with Russia? If Ukraine is using thermal cameras and navigation systems from France, does this mean France is at war with Russia?

The better question is: What will happen if the US does NOT help Ukraine? 

Russia will take over Ukraine, but not before reducing its cities to rubble, murdering and deporting its civilians, and suppressing any and all voices of opposition.  If Ukraine is not supported enough, Putin will know that his actions will meet no resistance. Once he has full access to Ukraine’s resources and borders, he will not stop there. Moldova will be first because the West will think that small countries can be disregarded. Sweden and Finland, for example, before they can join NATO. What happens next is an open question.

We have also seen very clearly that Russia does NOT need any reasons for its aggressions. There’s no magic number or list of weapons that are allowed or not allowed.

Q: These may be valid points – but I don’t know anything about military hardware – shouldn’t we be letting the professionals decide on this kind of stuff?

A: Former NATO Supreme Allied Commanders, Wesley Clark & William Breedlove (read more on their suggestions here), and former NATO Supreme Allied Admiral, James Stavridis all support giving Ukraine planes, anti-aircraft systems and massive defensive support. Breedlove joined 34 other security experts in signing an open letter in support of Ukraine’s defensive needs.

Q: I heard that Ukraine wants F-15s/ F-16s, but they don’t know how to fly them. Why would the US give Ukraine planes its pilots don’t know how to fly?

A: Ukraine’s air force is confident that its pilots can learn these planes in 2-3 weeks.  


Q: All the experts on the news say that it’s impossible for the Ukrainian Air Force to do that!

A: Not this expert – Andy Netherwood, a former RAF pilot, and defense commentator, said: “If you’d have asked me at the beginning of the war, I’d have said it was impossible for Ukrainian pilots to learn how to master a new fighter in two to three weeks. But now I’m reluctant to use the word impossible when it comes to the Ukrainian air force.” (Source)

Q: It seems like people are coming around to giving Ukraine more defensive aid. Can’t we wait for NATO and the Administration? 

A: No!  In one month Russia has killed over one hundred children, caused thousands of civilian casualties, created millions of refugees, and caused hundreds of billions of dollars in damage. The Russian Army has blatantly bombed hospitals, children’s shelters, and multiple nuclear reactors. The US needs to stop saying what it won’t do, or what it might do if something happens. It needs to act now to get Ukraine the defensive aid they are asking for.

Q: What do I do now?

Click here:

Or just call (202)-456-1111

Sample Text:

Dear President Biden, 

My name is (XX), I am a resident of (X City) in (X state).  (If you are Ukrainian you can mention it here. Or – I’m not Ukrainian but I care about Ukraine/Freedom/Democracy)

 Thank you for everything you’ve done to help Ukraine to date. However, it’s not enough to stop the atrocities that Russia is committing on a daily basis.  I’m (calling/emailing) to ask that you do more to support the Ukrainian Military.  Specifically, I am asking for the US to finally give Ukraine what they are truly asking for – airplanes, missile defense systems, and both surface to air and surface to sea missiles.  I am also asking that you deliver what you promised to send a month ago – those switchblades still haven’t arrived.   Ukraine is asking for help.  It’s time to follow up on the pledge to “stand with Ukraine,” and give them what they actually need – the ability to defend themselves.      

I will be following this matter closely.