Since February 24, the UNWLA focused its efforts on providing humanitarian relief to Ukraine and public advocacy on its behalf. Every effort matters in this goal, and with your continued support, we hope to achieve more. It has never been more important than now to support work in Ukraine.

Social Welfare

●We’ve raised over $400K in the past two weeks, and with continued support hope to
significantly increase that number.
● $80K has been sent to AICM, a trusted NGO based in Kyiv, whose 700 volunteers are
providing aid in the cities of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Poltava, Dnipro, Zaporizhzhia, Odesa, and
Luhansk serving tens of thousands of individuals in need of water.
● $40K sent to the four military hospitals in Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipro, and Zhytomyr who are
saving the lives of over hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers and have adapted their daily
routine to treat victims of conflict.
● $40K for the purchase of 600 IFAK kits and 100 blood transfusion kits for distribution
among hospitals in need
● The New Jersey Hospital Association has reached out to its 108 member hospitals
across the state who are rallying with aid for Ukraine.
● $10K to Initiative E+ with whom we were working to address the COVID-19 pandemic,
who quickly pivoted to fill the need in tactical and general medical supplies
● Provided the funding to the orphanage in Pokrovsk to help evacuate to Lviv and then on to Poland


● On February 24th, 2022, Vera Adryczyk, a notable expert in public advocacy, shared her
experience in advocating for Ukraine at the UNWLA Public Advocacy Training. Armed
with tools and resources, participants engaged in 7 days of the UNWLA Public Advocacy
Challenge: they focused on a variety of issues and together pushed for a powerful
positive change on behalf of Ukraine.
● We reached out to the press and social media identifying issues on behalf of Ukraine
that require urgent attention and action from the American public and continue to send
numerous letters in support of the defense of Ukraine.
● Advocating for closing the airspace over Ukraine, and at minimum, to provide limited no-
fly zone to enable humanitarian aid to reach citizens in crisis

Education and Culture

● The project Pysanky For Peace is working to raise funds for humanitarian efforts in
Ukraine. Proceeds go to the UNWLA.
● Musicians for the Greater Good and the UNWLA are presenting an online benefit
concert with both Ukrainian and American musicians. The MGG Ukrainian Humanitarian Aid Concert is planned for March 20, 2022, from 5-7 pm EST.


● Soyuzanky have been mobilized into Emergency Response Teams in:
Corporate Fundraising
Humanitarian Medical Aid
Immigration/Visas/Temporary Protected Status (TPS)
Media Inquiries
Non-Medical Supplies
Social Media
Social Welfare
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