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‘UNWLA Service Month’ connects social welfare, culture, and Holodomor.

We invite our UNWLA branches and members to participate in ‘UNWLA Service Month: November.’  This is where we give back to our communities here in America, share our thanks, bring attention to the need for feeding the hungry, and introduce, when appropriate, the tragedy of genocide, the Ukrainian Holodomor, and the current genocide unfolding in Ukraine.

In November, the Ukrainian genocide, Holodomor, is remembered with liturgy, exhibitions, lectures, and proclamations. But November is also when we celebrate Thanksgiving by gathering family and friends around a traditional meal and expressing thanks for the good that has encircled us throughout the year.  We, who have much, can make the connection to those who have suffered in the past and provide for those now in need in our neighborhoods.

The following are steps that can be taken:

Pledge to volunteer with a local food bank as a branch, individual member, or cluster of friends. 

  • Food banks provide food products and or meals to our communities. Find an opportunity near you. Tasks may include sorting and packing food, assisting with preparation, and distributing to neighbors and families.
  • Ensure you wear something that identifies you as a member of the UNWLA (or, at the very least, the Ukrainian community). Should your branch need help in locating a food bank, for assistance, log into Feeding America at
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Alert local media that your branch will be volunteering at a local food bank in November, AND make the connection to Holodomor.

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Other Ideas:

  • Insert a note with a line connecting thanks and Holodomor that can be placed in the food box or meal tray. 
  • Start a conversation with a volunteer around the topics of ‘thanks’  or ‘hunger’.  See where the conversation will go.  Connect to Holodomor when appropriate.
  • Wear t-shirts (if you have them) specifically with our UNWLA branding  to promote our organization

Take a photograph, write a brief description of the activity, and submit to Our Life, your Branch Facebook or instagram page, to [email protected] (or all the above). 

For more information, contact Oka at [email protected]