It is very important for people, that are working in response to the russian war on Ukraine, to remain strong in spirit and mindset during this time. Elaine Miller-Karas, an internationally recognized expert in war-based trauma has offered to provide a free training “Resiliency Building For Helpers in Wartime” to members of our organization. On April 6 she will teach UNWLA members to find tools to help build up our inner strength so we can continue to help ourselves, each other, and Ukraine. 

About the speaker

Elaine Miller-Karas, LCSW is an author, lecturer, consultant, radio show host, internationally recognized trauma therapist and social entrepreneur. She is committed to bringing accessible and affordable interventions, cultivating individual and community well-being, based on neuroscience and the biology of the human nervous system to our world’s community. She is also:

– co-founder and the Director of Innovation of the Trauma Resource Institute.
– author of Building Resiliency to Trauma, the Trauma and Community Resiliency Models® (2015).
– host of the radio talk show Resiliency Within: Building Resiliency During Unprecedented Times on VoiceAmerica.

Her models have been introduced to over 75 countries. Elaine Miller-Karas has presented at the Skoll World Forum, Resiliency 2020 and 2021 and the United Nations. Elaine’s book was selected by the United Nations and Taylor and Francis’ curated on-line library as one of the innovations helping meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  She is a Senior Consultant to Emory University’s SEE Learning program, inspired and launched by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and she is consulting with the and Medgar and Myrlie Evers Foundation to help create a virtual curriculum of the US Civil Rights Movement.

About The Trauma Resource Institute

The Trauma Resource Institute (TRI) trains natural leaders and mental health providers to share wellness skills called the Community Resiliency Model to our world community during and after natural and human-made disasters. It is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, which cultivates trauma-informed and resiliency-focused individuals and communities worldwide.

The Community Resiliency Model is a biological-based set of skills that is establishing research support regarding its effectiveness (i.e., randomized control trials) at various universities (e.g., Emory University, University of Kigali, Loma Linda University, Los Angeles County Mental Health Innovation Project). Research has shown statistically significant reductions in depression, anxiety, traumatic stress, and hostility indicators, as well as increased well-being. Elaine Miller-Karas, the co-founder of the Trauma Resource Institute, will provide an orientation to the Community Resiliency Model basic skills and key concepts and describe the Ukrainian Humanitarian Resiliency Project.

The Trauma Resource Instituted launched the Ukrainian Humanitarian Resiliency Project on February 25, 2022 as a result of their association with EdCamp Ukraine.  During the last two weeks, EdCamp’s Facebook page has been viewed over 31,ooo times, accessing the Community Resiliency Model webinars that began on February 25, 2022, at the request of TRI’s colleagues at EdCamp. Later that year, TRI established a strong relationship with Oleksandr Elkin, who inspired EdCamp, Ukraine and other educators when Ms. Miller-Karas visited Ukraine at their invitation for the launch of their SEE Learning program.

Elaine Miller-Karas met the Ukrainian delegation in New Delhi when the SEE LearningTM program was launched by His Holiness the Dalai Lama in April of 2019. She is a Senior Consultant to the SEE Learning TM program. SEE Learning is a secular approach to social, emotional, and ethical learning for the world’s children that was adopted by the educational system in Ukraine.