Ukrainian National Women’s League of America has recently made a sizable donation to the “FAMILY-UKRAINE” (“РОДИНА-УКРАЇНА”) charitable foundation.

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The foundation holds two-week session camps for children, focusing on the children of soldiers and those coming from war-torn areas of Ukraine. Besides meals, entertainment, and other activities typical for summer camps, young campers receive ongoing psychological rehabilitation, a crucial component of the program.

FAMILY-UKRAINE came highly recommended by Luda Wussek, the president of the UNWLA Branch #111 and Chair of the UNWLA Education Committee. Since the beginning of the war, the foundation has served more than 300 Ukrainian children. Professional educators provide them with nurturing environment to rest, play sports, visit different places, recharge and heal.

Nazar Zbigley, CEO of FAMILY-UKRAINE, expressed his commitment to the foundation’s mission and commended the camp staff for their exceptional diligence in supporting the children. Over 25 professionals lead the summer camps, including therapists, teachers, medics, and counselors.

In the fall, FAMILY-UKRAINE will start a Weekend Camp (“Табір вихідного дня”), where the children will tap into their talents in science, arts, and sports under the guidance of additional teachers and coaches. The foundation aims to create a community of successful, patriotic, compassionate Ukrainians and teach them leadership and resilience skills.

UNWLA shares the conviction that children are the future of Ukraine, and now more than ever, we must nurture and protect them as much as possible.

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