We traditionally spend November honoring victims of the 1932-1933 famine in Ukraine. The UNWLA was one of the first organizations to inform the world of the Holodomor, and our members organize annual Holodomor-related events across the country. 

This November, we continue the legacy of advocating for the more than 10 million victims of the Holodomor. We also support millions of Ukrainians living through the newest russian assault on Ukraine. This assistance takes many forms: we raise funds to keep Ukraine warm in the looming winter. We advocate for more support for Ukraine in the international arena. We vote for supporters of Ukraine in Congress. We cultivate our rich traditions and educate the community on what it means to be Ukrainian. We, as a sisterhood, care that the Ukrainian spirit remains strong.

Please join us in our meaningful work this November. This newsletter will keep you informed about the news and updates from the UNWLA.  If you are a new member of the UNWLA, welcome!

The midterm elections are on November 8, 2022! Now is the time to pay particular attention to what the candidates are saying about the russian war against Ukraine. It’s not too late to register to vote for the midterm elections! Visit www.vote.org to learn about your state’s requirements and ensure your voice is heard. Wherever possible, please make efforts within your communities to have voter registration drives.Screen Shot 2022 11 17 at 5.35.05 PM | UNWLA - Ukrainian National Womens League of America

All the best wishes to our sisters from UNWLA Branch 73, located in Bridgeport, Connecticut!
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Members of UNWLA Branch 73 Lydia Hrai, Victoria Hryhoruk, Bohdana Stanislavska, Nadia Malishevska, Oksana Lukiv, Svitlana Berezka with Branch President Nadia Kilchytska and Kateryna Tanchyn, Head of New England Regional Council.
Yaroslava Kovach, the oldest member of the Branch 73, and 2nd VP UNWLA Valentyna Tabaka.


Допомога новоприбулим українцям
Come attend this presentation on how newly arrived Ukrainians in the NY/NJ area can receive help from resettlement agencies, as explained by case-manager Alexa Holynskyj, a Ukrainian-American active in the New Jersey Whippany community, and her colleagues, David Shaw, Interim Assistant Director, and Brandon Dolinger, Staff Attorney, at Church World Service. The attendees will learn how CWS helps Ukrainians and where to reach out to in your state for similar assistance.  Translation into Ukrainian will be available.

Перевірте свою українську: СУА публікує диктант
On the Day of Ukrainian Writing and Language, we will come together to write a brief dictation and celebrate the beauty (and complexity!) of the Ukrainian language.

Stalin and the Intent to Genocide
Join us for a live discussion between Dr. Kristina Hook and Dr. Emily Channell-Justice about Dr. Hook’s research on the Holodomor.

As our organization grows, fundraising has become one of the cornerstones of our activities. We are looking for experienced grant writers and fundraisers who can dedicate some of their time to help us grow! If you are interested and would like to add UNWLA to your portfolio, please fill in our volunteer application: UNWLA Volunteer Sign-Up Form