Dear Soyuzianky,

Many of you work hard in your branches and communities, advocating, educating, cultivating, and caring. Thank you for this tremendous and valuable job.

Maybe, some of you are yet to find your cause. If you want to get involved, this newsletter is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for! With spring soon approaching, we are looking for volunteers to grow our communications team. Investing your time and skills in us, you’ll see your efforts bringing blooming relationships with your fellow soyuzianky, the wider Ukrainian-American community, and the media.

You’ll find the list of roles we desperately need at the bottom of this newsletter. If you would like to learn more, don’t hesitate to email [email protected]

Special operations corp called Shum (Noise in Ukrainian) has sent a heartfelt video thanking soyuzianky for their aid. Their job is to demine territories and avert mortal danger from civilians who return to deoccupied territories. It’s just a fraction of what your donations managed to fund to keep Ukraine warm. Many thanks to the organization Someone Prays For You, which purchased and delivered these goods and sent us this video from Ukrainian warriors. Click at the image to view the full video.

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Have trouble playing the video? Click here to view it in your browser.


Sunday, March 5th, was a busy day at Branch 91 (Bethlehem, PA). Soyuzianky met with our President Natalie Pawlenko, to discuss their achievements, the organization, and their plans for the future.

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“These visits are enormously enlightening and inspiring! I am looking forward to working even more closely with our individual Branches as we prepare for our 100th-anniversary celebration”.

What is Vidviddil?

A combination of two Ukrainian words (vidvidyny – visits and viddil – Branch), Vidviddil is a meeting between Natalie Pawlenko and UNWLA Branches.

Do Vidviddils happen in person?

Not always! Some of the Branches met with our President via Zoom, and there is still a very good exchange of ideas and information. President Pawlenko follows up each meeting with a written copy of the update she provides to each Branch.

What’s the purpose of Vidviddils?
The UNWLA President should have a certain degree of good knowledge about each Branch, although in-depth detail is the responsibility of the Regional Council presidents and Branches-at-Large Liaisons. These up close and personal meetings are an opportunity for the President to share with the membership the work the National Executive undertook in 2022, and plans for 2023, provide emphasis on the importance of consistent branding and take feedback or suggestions from the Branches,

How do I know when my Branch has one?

Your Branch President is the point of contact for the scheduling of the Vidviddil and will be sharing the date with each Branch member.

What about MALs?

UNWLA President will schedule a Vidviddil with the Members-at-Large through the MAL Liason.

Member Spotlight

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Can you believe Easter is around the corner? Our Branch 136 (Naples, FL) has shared pictures from their recent pysanky workshop at Marco Island Library. Soyuzianky walked the participants through all the steps of pysanky-making and shared this wonderful tradition with their community. The Branch continues with a series of workshops in community centers and libraries.

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We are looking for engaged women (with or without practical experience in marketing, communications, or public relations) to:

  • Write for our website. Use your power to write engaging articles for good! Help us tell the story of our impact and mission!
  • Create for our membership. If you are a strategist with a knack for public speaking and love to teach people to do amazing things, we need you!
  • Create for our Facebook. If you are on Facebook and love sharing updates with your audience, consider joining our dynamic team!

Fill in the volunteer sign-up form indicating which role speaks to your heart, and if you have any questions or would like to learn more, email [email protected]