Dear Soyuzianky,

If you follow the news from Ukraine, you might experience the feeling, best summarized by a Ukrainian expression:

Півсвіту плаче, півсвіту скаче. | Or literally: Half of the world cries, half of the world dances.

It could have been just another holiday weekend, both in the U.S. and in Ukraine. Our hearts and prayers go to the people whose lives and families have been affected by the January 14 missile strike at the residential building in Dnipro, which left 40 dead and many more injured. We extend words of support to everyone who might feel shattered by another act of ruthless russian aggression. You are not alone.

The scale of the current humanitarian mission in Ukraine leaves us hopeful. The images of volunteers collecting aid for the survivors of missile attacks support our spirits. Our “Keep Ukraine Warm” campaign is still running: we are $90k short from our $500,000 goal. Wood-burning stoves, warm clothing and window and door repairs remain our priority. If you can advocate for Ukraine, educate about and cultivate all things Ukrainian in your community, you already care. Thank you for that.

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Luda Wussek, UNWLA National Education Chair, has recently received an award “For love and Sacrifice to Ukraine” from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Her active assistance helped to conclude a large-scale humanitarian action of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine and offer humanitarian aid to the territorial defense forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Thousands of Ukrainian defenders received necessary medical supplies. Our sisters from UNWLA Branch 111 also received a certificate of appreciation to mark their success in bringing humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Congratulations, and glory to Ukraine!

On behalf of the Ukrainian National Womens League of America Inc. please accept our sincere gratitude for your generous contribution. Russias unprovoked war against Ukraine has taken a devastating toll on human li | UNWLA - Ukrainian National Womens League of America

Responding to UNWLA “Keep Ukraine Warm” initiative, the Ukrainian volunteers of Palm Beach County in Florida organized a fundraising Gala in St. Mary’s Cultural Center in West Palm Beach. An event took place in a lavishly decorated hall, complete with food and entertainment.

UNWLA Member-at-Large Nadiia Kachalenko noted that the search for volunteers to help in the event resulted in discovering many Ukrainian talents living in South-West Florida.

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Photo credit: James Janner, Anastasia Maltseva.

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The judges of the annual Kovaliv contest announced the three best books in the categories of “Prose” and “Poetry.” Maybe, it’s time to update your Ukrainian bookshelf?

Halyna Kruk | Галина Крук

“Everyone But Me” | «Хто завгодно, тільки не я». (Київ: Віват, 2021)

Short stories collection

Iryna Vikyrchak | Ірина Вікирчак

“Algometria” | «Альгометрія». (Київ: Парасоля, 2021)

Poetry collection

Oleg Kotsarev | Олег Коцарев

The Contents of a Man’s Pocket | «Вміст чоловічої кишені». (Київ: Люта справа, 2021)

Poetry collection

Established in 1967 under the umbrella of the UNWLA, the Kovaliv Fund is dedicated to nurturing and promoting Ukrainian literature, both poetry/prose and non-fiction works. The fund awards a prize each year to works selected by a jury of well-known Ukrainian authors.