Dear Soyuzianky,

Today Ukrainian communities worldwide join Ukraine in honoring the memory of “the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred” – brave men and women who sacrificed their lives for a free, sovereign, and democratic Ukraine during the 2014 Revolution of Dignity. Were they prepared to be heroes? If you look at the list of their names and biographies, they seem so… human. A college student, a teacher, a doctor, a Wikipedia editor, a worker, an entrepreneur, a carpenter… The list goes on — ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. Today we honor their lives and sacrifice, thinking about the proud and brave nation that grew up knowing about them.

Three women are officially counted as the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred. Antonina Dvoryanets. Olga Bura. Liudmyla Sheremet. 62, 27, and 71 years old. They volunteered on the Euromaidan since the beginning. Please join us in silent prayer for them.

UNWLA Branch 137 responded to the request of volunteers from charity organization “Wings of Victory,” which operates in Lviv and Kharkiv. Soyuzianky donated funds to purchase clothing for wounded soldiers currently receiving treatment at a hospital in Kharkiv.

In addition, they also purchased winter jackets for demining servicepeople of the Explosives Disposal Service of the National Police of Ukraine, led by Markiyan Kshyk. Our impact may seem small, but it is crucial for those who cannot afford to make mistakes. The price of a deminer’s error is human life. But only after their work is complete can a liberated city or village begin to return to life.

The UNWLA has initiated an advocacy effort called “Return Ukraine’s Children” under the leadership of Marta Fedoriw (Branch 91, Bethlehem PA). UNWLA members are encouraged to raise this issue whenever possible:

  • when speaking with legislators;
  • in op-ed;
  • at demonstrations or events related to the russian war on Ukraine.

A more detailed information packet will be forwarded to UNWLA Branch presidents later this week. Those interested in learning more or joining the effort may write to [email protected]

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Inna believes art can play a vital role in healing and empowering individuals in times of struggle. “I think unconsciously people turn to arts to heal and keep their strength,” she says.

An exclusive sneak peek into the exhibition, this video tells you more about the “Vines and Threads” project. Take a look, and if you are in the Providence area, be sure to check out the upcoming exhibition!

UNWLA President Natalie Pawlenko continues her series of visits, both online and in person, to learn first-hand about the work of our Branches.

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