Countless Ukrainian civilians and defenders have received urgent medical aid thanks to the Ukrainian National Women’s League of America (UNWLA) and its network of members and donors across the country. These medical supplies have been used to treat wounded Ukrainians within hours of injury. This aid includes hundreds of external fixator kits (to stabilize shattered bones), wound vacuum kits (to prevent infection and accelerate healing), and many related items. UNWLA has also worked with trusted partners in Ukraine to bring humanitarian aid to thousands in the hardest-hit areas of Ukraine.

Now, over sixteen months into Russia’s invasion, the medical needs of wounded Ukrainian civilians and defenders have grown critical. Supplies are dwindling as the number of injured continues to pour into hospitals nationwide. “Funding is the best way to ensure that the correct, high-quality supplies are being purchased and provided to the right hospitals in Ukraine,” reinforces Valentyna Tabaka, UNWLA’s Medical Aid Director. As a wound care specialist, Tabaka has deep insights into the supplies and considerations needed in critical care.

The UNWLA was established in 1925 and is the largest Ukrainian women’s organization outside of Ukraine. Dedicated to humanitarian aid and education, the UNWLA has been at the forefront of aid to Ukrainians worldwide over the decades.

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