Medical supplies and equipment and thousands of doses of medications will be heading to Ukraine! This is a joint effort of the UNWLA and New Jersey Hospital Association. The First Lady of NJ Tammy Murphy met with the UNWLA and New Jersey Hospital Association at the MEEST-America, Inc. warehouse today as medical supplies were prepared for shipment to Poland. From there the aid will be distributed to affected areas across Ukraine. The donations from N.J. hospitals through UNWLA and NJHA are still being collected, but approximately 250 pallets of supplies, equipment and medications have been committed so far, and hospitals continue to pledge additional donations. They will be coming to our warehouse and shipped out on a rolling basis as the hospitals coordinate local ground transportation to MEEST.

The last time the Ukrainian National Women’s League of America had to organize humanitarian aid to Ukraine was during World War II. In her address, President of the UNWLA Natalie Pawlenko highlighted how watching the news from Ukraine is both heartbreaking and motivating.

“We continue to advocate, we continue to plead for the attention of the Western world to what is currently unfolding in Ukraine. These are war crimes.” The President thanked our trusted partners in Meest-America, the New Jersey Hospital Association and the Governor, and the First Lady of New Jersey for their efforts in helping Ukraine.

The Ukrainian National Women’s League of America is proud to partner with New Jersey Hospital Association, which, together with its member hospitals, is mobilizing medical supplies to support Ukrainian hospitals. Consider donating to our humanitarian aid campaign to enable us to do more for Ukraine.