Since February 24,  the Ukrainian National Women’s League of America has been overwhelmed by the outpouring of generosity, caring, and support for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine.  Those donations – from individuals, families, corporations, health care institutions, service providers, and many others – helped us bring urgently needed humanitarian aid into Ukraine. With deep gratitude to every one of them, we will be listing all donors on our website in the coming weeks.

From February 24 to March 26, we raised $756,760 from over 4200 individual donations. In the last two weeks, this funding has been used for several urgent humanitarian projects in Ukraine:

  • $25K was sent to AICM, our trusted partner that works tirelessly to supply towns, isolated by intense shelling, with medicines, food parcels, hygienic kits, generators, and drinking water. 
  • $10K was allocated for the Mechnikov Hospital in Dnipro which continues to serve the needs of the wounded. We also sent medicine and medical supplies to the Vasylkiv outpatient clinic and to a hospital in Mykolaiv, both of which had been bombed.  
  • $10K is allocated to our partner Initiative E+ which, with commendable mobility and its extraordinary volunteers, helps both the wounded soldiers and civilians.
  • Another $200k has been allocated for the second shipment of fixators for Ukrainian hospitals. This equipment is almost impossible to find in Ukraine or in neighboring countries, and we are grateful to our partners who enable us to send this high-quality equipment to where it is needed most.

In the past week, we provided funding and helped with the transfer of Otchyi Dim orphans from Pokrovsk (eastern Ukraine) to Germany.  And with the help of a group of seniors residing in Monterey Pointe community in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, we were able to send funding to Mother of God’s Relentless Help Parish in Ivano-Frankivsk so that they could provide nutritional meals for orphans (among them, many infants) who had been evacuated from Kharkiv.  

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