shipment | UNWLA - Ukrainian National Womens League of America

Fixators are getting ready for shipment. Photo: Valentyna Tabaka

UNWLA mobilized its efforts to send 24 boxes of Stryker’s external fixators and fixator parts , as well as medical and surgical supplies, to Kyiv and Zhytomyr army hospitals. This life-saving contribution of medical and surgical supplies would not happen without the immense support of our partners: Nonprofit charity organization The Paul Chester Children’s Hope Foundation Inc (PCCHF) and TOETAL Podiatry in NY. Fixators, used to treat shattered bones, are in very short supply and needed urgently in many hospitals in Ukraine.

We are very grateful to Oksana Tanasiv Oksana Sheremet, Vera Malezhik, Yekaterina Narodetskaya, Oksana Smirnova, Alena Vahitova, Scott DiStasio, Tatyana Tymkiv, Roxy Kuzmak Zajac.

Thank you to every soul who has donated to the UNWLA, ROC Maidan (Rochester, NY) and Volodymyr Pawlyuk, Mechyslav Pavluk and Bohdan Tabaka, Ukrainian Orthodox Holy Ascension Church, WBLL Ministry Atlanta Georgia, and UNWLA Branch 137 Clifton NJ for their contribution.

With overwhelming number of patients, Ukrainian hospitals plea for aid. The need for orthopedic devices, surgical and medical supplies remains dire. Please donate to the UNWLA, so we can continue to cooperate with our partners and send more fixators to the Ukrainian hospitals in need.