1 6 | UNWLA - Ukrainian National Womens League of America
On Tuesday Dec. 12th at 12 pm EST, we had our first Zoom literary meeting with one of the 2022 Kovaliv Contest Awardees for literature, Halyna Kruk. Her book Хто завгодно, тільки не я  “Everyone but Me” is a collection of 11 stories from a woman’s point of view on the internal strife in a woman’s emotional relationship to various events in life. With her poetic, sometimes humorous, then serious depictions, she speaks to both men and women on feelings of internal solitude that all experience at times.
In her presentation”The experience of loss and the possibilities of literature” (Досвід втрати і можливості літератури), she shared the ways how people live through the trauma, recover and how she translated those observed experiences in the literature.
We were fortunate to have as moderator Maria Rewakowicz. She is a poet, translator, and literary scholar. She taught Ukrainian literature at several universities, most recently at Rutgers University.  Maria’s questions and remarks added depth to this undeniably soul-touching meeting.
This literary gathering was the first of its kind in our ZOOM culture programs. We hope to continue this as a tradition with our focus on contemporary Ukrainian literature.
We hope you’ll enjoy the recording.
The recording is in Ukrainian.