ChPrCh | UNWLA - Ukrainian National Womens League of America

This week we officially launch our  “Children Praying for Children” nation-wide campaign – and we invite you all to join us.

Ukrainian government officials have identified over 20,000 children illegally deported by russian authorities from the temporarily occupied territories.  These are children whose identities have been verified or whose family members or official caregivers came forward in search for them. The real number of children transported to russia remains unknown, as the Ukrainian government doesn’t have access to regions where heavy fighting occurs. 

On June 1,  International Children’s Day, we intend to bring communities across the U.S.  together in prayer with children at the forefront. International Children’s Day is a great opportunity to once more turn public attention to the atrocities of the russian war on Ukraine and the extreme toll it takes on Ukrainian children. 

The service aims to create a sacred space for children to come together in prayer, solidarity and compassionate action for their peers who are affected by the tragic circumstances of the war in Ukraine.  We invite all UNWLA branches and our partner organizations to work with local faith groups in organizing these prayer services.

To help navigate the process and make it as accessible as possible, we have developed a set of materials and a toolkit that everyone can use in organizing services in their community.