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All UNWLA initiatives fall under four pillars: Advocate. Educate. Cultivate. Care. Any programs within these pillars focus on supporting Ukraine, assisting vulnerable Ukrainians, and empowering Ukrainian women. And what could be a stronger confidence boost and a better key to unlocking success than education? UNWLA continues its successful work with the Vovk Foundation and the Eva Staszkiw scholarship fund to financially support students of Ukrainian descent or those advancing Ukrainian arts and sciences.

The Vovk Foundation honors the memory of two patriarchs: Ivan Vovchuk, a noted scholar, writer, and leader of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), and his son Andrew, an accomplished engineer and technologist. Working in partnership with UNWLA, the Vovk Foundation has created a permanently endowed scholarship for students of Ukrainian heritage studying technology, engineering, arts, and humanities. The sponsorship is issued annually. To learn about the eligibility requirements and apply, visit:

The Eva Staszkiw scholarship is a UNWLA program that supports students who advance Ukrainian science and arts. Eva Staszkiw was a devoted soyuzianka and advocate for educational opportunities. Committed to supporting those pursuing Ukrainian studies, Staszkiw generously supported the UNWLA Scholarship Fund in the late 1950s. When she passed away, we were honored to receive her final act of love for Ukraine as she donated her life savings to UNWLA to further expand support for Ukrainian studies. Learn more and apply here:

‼ Applications are open until June 1st, 2024