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As we are approaching the most magical time of the year, there is still uncertainty about aid to Ukraine. This week is critical for supplemental funding, as the Senate and Congress are actively negotiating a budget package that includes assistance to Ukraine.


Your regular and continuous advocacy efforts are especially important right now. Previously allocated funds to Ukraine have been depleted and are projected to run out by the end of this year. Our involvement is crucial right now. 

So – what to do?

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Send an email:

Send an email to your representative in Congress and to your senators urging them to advance and support critical aid for Ukraine.


Call your congressional and senate offices, encourage them to support supplemental aid to Ukraine.


Call your friends and family and ask them to call and send emails to their elected officials.

Also, support our social media flashmob #Call4Ukraine  

How to join the campaign:

1- Find your representative’s contact information here: https://www.house.gov/representa…/find-your-representative

  1. Call your representative and ask to pass the supplemental funding for Ukraine. Use the talking points below.
  2. Take a photo or video of you making a call.
  3. Post on social media with hashtag #Call4Ukraine
  4. Tag 2 friends/organizations you want to pass the challenge to.

Additionally template copy for X (Twitter)

” I just called my Rep. @XXX asking for supplemental funding for Ukraine as a part of #Call4Ukraine challenge.”

@tag of a friend, @tag of a friend, join me by calling your Rep., posting a photo of the call & challenging 2 friends to join.


Talk about advocacy for Ukraine during your coming branch or community meeting, encourage people to join.

Print flyers (you can use this one) and give it to guests during your events, encouraging them to call and email their representatives.

Talk to your friends, neighbors, and coworkers explaining that Ukraine needs our support and assistance must continue.

Here are some useful talking points for your advocacy calls and emails:

Congress must pass supplemental aid to support Ukraine through the end of 2024. 

  • Aid for Ukraine not only helps Ukrainians defend themselves, it injects massive billion-dollar investments into American communities. Arizona, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin have been some of the largest beneficiaries of Ukraine aid, all receiving over $1 billion in investments.
  • Without U.S. aid, more Ukrainians will be killed on the front from Russian bullets and in their homes from Russian missiles and Iranian drones.
  • America’s European allies have stepped up with commitments to support Ukraine that are now more than double what America has committed. Washington needs to catch up to Europe.
  • The world is watching Washington right now—if Congress abandons Ukraine to Russia’s invasion, China will know it can follow Russia’s lead and invade Taiwan, and our European allies will question whether America will come to their aid should Russia make good on its threats to invade more European countries.
  • Ukraine has continuously met or exceeded oversight and accountability standards of the U.S. government. U.S. aid is being used properly.

If you still are unsure or have questions, please join UNWLA advocacy group on Facebook you will find a lot of tips and support there.

US assistance to Ukraine must continue, and we need to show Congress that the Ukrainian community is engaged as ever!

Thank you for all you do!