This month we mark a whole year of the full-scale war against Ukraine. Today we hope you join us in using these five strategies to advocate for Ukraine this month.

Other people might get tired of hearing about Ukraine. The russian army still ravages on occupied territories. Russian missiles terrorize women, children, the military, and civilians alike. The enemy is trying to exhaust the support Ukrainians receive. It wants Ukrainians to suffer in silence and surrender. Can we let it succeed? Who is there to stay strong, to speak up, and to keep advocating for Ukraine? We are.

1️⃣ Proclamations

Request Proclamations from your city or state governments. To learn how to do it, check out our Step-by-step instructions and sample proclamations.

2️⃣ Demonstrations

An international awareness campaign is set in motion to remind the world with a single voice from the global Ukrainian community about 365 days of an unprovoked brutal war Russia unleashed against Ukraine. The Ukrainian World Congress has put together a package of supplementary materials to coordinate this international campaign.

Ukrainian supporters worldwide will hold a Candlelight Vigil during the 48-hour period beginning on the evening of Thursday, February 23. Reach out to your local media outlets to coordinate press coverage. Elected officials will also be in-district through February 26th. Invite your federal elected officials to attend any events you have planned for this period.

On February 25th, there will be a large group demonstration in Washington, D.C., beginning at 2 pm in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Join us there!

Early evening at the Lincoln Memorial 39189107540 | UNWLA - Ukrainian National Womens League of America

Blue and Yellow Lighting

Request your local government buildings, sports stadiums, or other landmarks to be lit up in Ukraine’s national colors. If such a project is unrealistic in your community, we urge you to request that your town hall hold a flag-raising ceremony to fly the Ukrainian flag.

On August 24th, 2022, soyuzianky were instrumental in lighting their local landmarks blue and yellow and organizing flag-raising ceremonies around the country.

4️⃣ PR Outreach and Op-Ed

Consider submitting an Op-Ed or Letter to the Editor for your local paper. For more information, check out our February 24th Op-Ed Guide.

5️⃣ Prayer Service

Organize a special prayer service for the week of February 19-26 to honor the lives lost in the course of this genocidal invasion. If you have worked with American churches/Synagogues/Mosques in the last year, reach out to them. This is a great opportunity to reconnect.

If none of these are available to you, we invite you to join us in sending prayers and wishes for peace in Ukraine. Our humanitarian efforts are still ongoing. To support them, visit