What does the UNWLA Humanitarian Aid Campaign support?

The UNWLA team constantly communicates with healthcare providers in Ukraine. Orthopedic External Fixators and Wound Vacs (Vacuum-Assisted Closure Systems) are outlined as the top priority medical equipment. It is vital for the urgent treatment of injured patients. So the UNWLA has decided to focus on purchasing this equipment.

The challenge is the high cost. The UNWLA has started to work with a few companies that manufacture these devices, and we can negotiate a significantly lower price. Currently, we can purchase Orthopedic External Fixators for $1,000.00 per kit; Vacuum-Assisted Closure systems for $3,000.00 per system. However, even with the reduced prices, the volume of requests for this medical equipment is so high that we need your help.

The UNWLA continues to provide additional humanitarian support: food parcels, water, medicine, generators, blankets, first aid, and hygienic kits. Our trusted partners work tirelessly on the ground in Ukraine to deliver supplies to the towns isolated by intense shelling. The UNWLA has also purchased hundreds of IFAK kits and blood transfusion kits for distribution to hospitals in need.

For many years we have been supporting the orphanage in eastern Ukraine, and provided funds to help it evacuate to Germany. Additionally, we send funds directly to military hospitals in Ukraine. 

Can I set up a virtual fundraiser for UNWLA?


Does UNWLA accept in-kind donations?


How do you donate to UNWLA?

The easiest way to give is through our website via credit card or PayPal at unwla.org/donate.
All donors will receive a tax receipt. Supporters may also increase the impact of their gift with our corporate matching program.
You may also mail a check to UNWLA, 203 Second Avenue, 5th fl.,  NY NY 10003

Is UNWLA independently vetted?

Yes! We are audited every year by an independent accounting firm. Also, CharityNavigator.org rates the UNWLA a 100 for Finance and Accountability.

Do you have any materials I can use for my event?

We do! Follow this link to download printable flyers, and QR codes.

Can a representative from the UNWLA attend my fundraiser?

Please reach out to us at [email protected].