Midterm elections are tomorrow. It’s crucial that those among us who have the privilege to vote to do so tomorrow. Democracy might feel like a buzzword for some people, yet today we see Ukrainians dying to defend their freedoms and right to live in a peaceful democratic state.  So, yes —your vote matters. 

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Our Advocacy Committee is gearing up for the upcoming event in Washington, D.C: Ukrainian Days takes place on November 15-17. Would you like to join a team of avid public advocates on behalf of Ukraine? Take the first step by emailing [email protected]. Our Advocacy Committee offers different opportunities to take action:

“Closed. Too upset about Ukraine,” wrote Andrea Kulish Wilhelm’s art studio in Asheville, North Carolina, on February 24, 2022. After reopening, she welcomed a couple who bought two pysanky and an egg stand. On the spot, Andrea decided to donate 50% of the sale to the UNWLA. After that, all proceeds went to support humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Last week, UNWLA Headquarters in NYC welcomed Andrea Kulish Wilhelm for tea, a sisterly chat, and an official pinning ceremony!

Andrea | UNWLA - Ukrainian National Womens League of America

Andrea and Natalia | UNWLA - Ukrainian National Womens League of America

UNWLA President Natalie Pawlenko spoke about the sisterhood bond we share as members and the decades of dedication the pin represents. The efforts of our talented and kind-hearted MAL seem to be a perfect example of how those values endure through generations.

Andrea and Halyna | UNWLA - Ukrainian National Womens League of America

Overall, Andrea’s initiatives brought more than $60,000 to the UNWLA Humanitarian Aid campaign. During the visit, the UNWLA Office Administrator Halyna Cherednichenko received the check with Andrea’s most recent donation to the UNWLA.

With deep appreciation, we congratulate Andrea Kulish Wilhelm on her success and wish her endless inspiration and peace for Ukraine.

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We invite our Ukrainian-speaking members and their families on Wednesday for a brief… dictation! Listen to a beautiful text, write down what you hear, and check whether your Ukrainian hasn’t gotten rusty!

“As a teacher of Ukrainian, I often have to re-affirm the Ukrainian language as a living, breathing, and completely independent organism,” says Alina Zhurbenko, UNWLA Communications Coordinator, who will be reading the dictation. “We have two words for two kinds of love. We have tender forms for almost everything. And I feel the more we practice our language, the more we use it talking to our kids and families, the more beautiful it becomes.”

With the deepest love for the language of our ancestors, we invite everyone interested to this event. Америка пише диктант!

Our Keep Ukraine Warm campaign is open until December 19th, 2022. Our Branches and Member-at-Large have sprung into action, and we appreciate their efforts!

Hundreds of wood-burning stoves have already been delivered to warm the houses of elderly Ukrainians whose homes were damaged by russian shelling. Waterproof boots for a special ops team on the front line are enroute.  Windows in the homes of single moms and kids are in the process of being repaired so they can stay in their homes this winter. Please keep supporting this campaign!

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KUW | UNWLA - Ukrainian National Womens League of America