Dear Soyuzianky,

The most obvious introductory words for this newsletter, which is due to come out a day before St.Valentine’s Day, are about love. Here’s the catch.

In the Ukrainian language, there are two words for love. One is kokhánnia (кохáння). That’s the Romeo-and-Juliet kind of love, the kind all the songs are about, the kind February 14th is largely about. Passionate, uneasy, steady, or evolving – the ever-changing landscape of the human heart.

But another word is way broader – liubov (любóв). It’s both a popular woman’s name and a word for a universal love of anything. “I’m loving it! (a slice of pizza, a popular tune, a favorite activity).” Liubov fits to describe both patriotic devotion and a love for chocolate. Parental love and the love we feel for our pets. The love for people you don’t know but care about. Liubov describes universal love; God is luibov.

May your heart be filled both with liubov and kohannia. May both words apply to describe what you feel for yourself, your family, and Ukraine.

If you are a new member, welcome! This weekly newsletter keeps you informed about the news and updates from the UNWLA.

Even though the Keep Ukraine Warm campaign is officially over, first necessity items continue to make their way to warm their recipients. Here are snippets from the overwhelming stream of your donations at work.

In the confusion of war, the most vulnerable often get left behind: sometimes intentionally, sometimes because there are no other options.

It’s freezing in the trenches, and Ukrainian defenders on the frontline need all the warmth we can harness.

Warm Carpathian sheep wool sleeping bags are warming Ukrainian defenders on the Eastern front. The initiative Someone Prays For You, led by Taras Polataiko, has also delivered headlights, tactical medicine, backpacks, and sleeping pads.

Purchasing supplies in Ukraine helps fuel the Ukrainian economy, and our partners on the ground are great at selecting and delivering high-quality gear to warm up civilians and Ukrainian defenders.

We do not forget that Ukrainian civilians are bracing against the unpredictable cold weather in nearly destroyed small towns. Together we sponsored much-needed warming centers in the liberated villages near Mykolaiv.

We will continue following up. If you wish to support our work in Ukraine, please consider donating to the UNWLA.

While our donations are working on the ground in Ukraine, we must remain active and engaged here. In March, Ukrainian National Information Service invites everyone interested in advocacy to participate in Ukrainian Advocacy Days.

The traditional highlight of the “Ukrainian Days” advocacy program will include presentations of the “Friend of UNIS” award to Members of Congress and others who have shown overwhelming support for Ukraine and the enhancement of U.S.-Ukraine relations. If you wish to join us in this even in Washington, D.C., please register at the link below.

‘Tis the season for meetings and making plans, and we thank you for all your diligent work in your Branches and communities. Our sisters all over the U.S. have been gearing up for the year ahead, and we’re happy to share some updates!

Branch 118 (Houston, TX) has recently had a meeting and elected new leadership. Congratulations to the new President, Juliana Villacorta, and her new officers, and good luck to the branch in its endeavors!

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If your Branch has recently had elections, your Branch Secretary should fill out and send [email protected] a Branch Election report, informing the Headquarters about the changes in your Branch leadership (visit UNWLA Members Portal and click on the “Forms” tab). Timely reports will ensure your Branch receives up-to-date information and support from our community.

Branch 136 (Naples, FL) has also recently hosted a lunch welcoming new members. Together with new soyuzianky, the Branch grew to over 40 members. We wish them good luck and lots of exciting projects together!

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