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Let us tell you the story of Mitzi Perdue, an author, human rights activist, and widow of the late Frank Perdue — former CEO of Perdue Farms. Recently she was invited to Ukraine and saw first-hand how life under the Russian attacks is going. On December the 7th, she will auction off her magnificent 6.25-carat emerald engagement ring at Sotheby’s – with 100% of proceeds going to combat human trafficking at Ukrainian borders.

Let us also tell you the story of Sophia, a sophomore at Hollins University. She founded a chapter of The Young Writers Initiative in her school and hosted an author event. Sophia and her colleagues organized a sticker fundraiser, selling pretty blue-and-yellow TYWI stickers with embroidery design on them. The stickers raised over $80, and the funds were donated to support Ukraine.

Those two stories, of course, have different punch in terms of impact, but they have a lot in common. It’s the act of giving that matters. Whether you have an emerald ring, an hour of your time, a sticker, a plate of cookies, or a room in your home – these acts of generosity to support Ukrainians warm our hearts this winter. Let’s keep up our good work!

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It seems to be a picture from the 19th century, but it’s the hard reality in Ukraine today. Thousands of people will survive this cold winter with these little warm stoves funded by the UNWLA. CO2 detectors come with each stove delivered.  Besides keeping Ukraine warm, donations also keep Ukraine fed: our partner AICM Ukraine continues to distribute food packages and other necessary items.

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Some good news from Ukraine: three electrolyte analyzers have finally reached three separate military hospitals in Ukraine! It took 3 months for them to finally reach their destination, but now doctors are extremely happy with the new addition of equipment. Electrolyte analyzers measure sodium, potassium, and chloride in blood, serum, or plasma – and do so quickly, so doctors can quickly assess the patient’s condition and proceed with the treatment. Thanks to AirLink for the transport at no cost!
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A huge thank you to UNWLA Branch 75, Maplewood, NJ, for a successful bake sale and lunch to benefit UNWLA’s “Keep Ukraine Warm” campaign. Branch 75 members will give another boost to the “Keep Ukraine Warm” initiative during their annual Christmas party in mid-December.

With funds previously donated by Branch members in memory of Olia Lukiw, Branch 75 has contributed over $5,000 to the “Keep Ukraine Warm” campaign. Funds are to be used for the purchase of wood stoves, warm clothing, and generators to help Ukraine survive the winter months.

We are sad to inform you that Branch 75 member Adia Fedash passed away just a few days after volunteering at this fundraiser. May her generous soul rest in peace.

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If you prefer staying at home and curling up with a good book, our Members-at-Large have some book recommendations for you. Shout out to our MALs and MAL Liaison Olya Czerkas for these suggestions.
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A good book, a piece of delicious homemade pie… This is our kind of cozy. A selection of traditional Ukrainian pastry recipes are available on our website in Ukrainian and English – scroll down the page and pick your favorite!

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