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The 2nd Annual Ukrainian Fashion Show, spearheaded by Tatyana Tymkiv, is poised to captivate Rochester, NY on June 30th, 2024. This philanthropic endeavor aims to rally support for wounded soldiers and civilians ensnared in the ongoing war initiated by Russia against Ukraine.

The event promises a diverse showcase of creative talent, featuring three esteemed designers. Renata, a luminary in Ukrainian design, will present her signature flair. The lineup culminates with Maceoo, a renowned figure on the national stage, adding a touch of prestige to the affair.

Attendees can anticipate an array of collections spanning various demographics and styles. The showcase includes a charming children’s collection, an opulent array of women’s evening dresses, and a celebration of Ukrainian heritage with a collection of traditional Vyshyvanka dresses. Additionally, two exclusive men’s collections from Valentine and Maceoo promise to redefine masculine fashion.

Following the runway spectacle, the festivities will continue with a grand dance after-party, promising an immersive experience blending fashion, culture, and philanthropy. The event not only celebrates creativity and style but also serves as a beacon of solidarity, rallying support for those impacted by the ongoing strife in Ukraine.

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