The UNWLA-funded humanitarian aid has successfully reached Kharkiv, thanks to the hard work of our partners at the American International Charities Mission (AICM). The aid, which includes medical supplies, food, and clothing, will be distributed to those most in need in the region.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who continues to support our cause of bringing much-needed relief to Ukraine during these challenging times. Your generosity and kindness make all the difference. Check out the video link for a glimpse of your donations’ impact.

Advocacy efforts landed UNWLA representatives at the recent United Nations event focusing on the russian genocidal intentions in Ukraine.

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From left to right: Oksana Konyk (Head of the NJ Regional Council), Mariya Vasylkiv (President, Branch 137) and Christina Pikhmanets (Branch 137, Cliffton, NJ).

The UN meeting was also a formal kick-off of the UNWLA Return Ukraine’s Children campaign. Chaired by a Soyuzianka and advocate Marta Fedoriw, it aims to raise awareness of another aspect of genocide russia is committing against Ukraine: abduction and relocation of Ukrainian children.

Congresswoman Susan Wild introduced into Congress a resolution to “condemn Russia for the kidnapping of children from Ukraine.” In her statement, read by Martha Fedoriw at the UN stage, she emphasizes that “the Russian objective is clear: To wipe out the young generations of Ukrainians by attempting to eradicate their sense of national and cultural identity.”

The UNWLA New Jersey Regional Council, jointly with WFUWO, invites you to the Ukrainian-American Cultural Center of New Jersey. Join us on March 5th for this informative panel discussion with guest speakers from Ukraine: four women with extensive experience in dealing with the effects of Russian aggression on human rights.

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The event is open to the public. Click here to learn more about the event program here. If you are interested to visit this informative event and greet our speakers from Ukraine, please kindly register below.


Since russia’s initial invasion in 2014, some 1,500 museums and cultural sites have been damaged or destroyed. Each exhibition in the Ukrainian Museum’s rotating series tells the story of one of Ukraine’s diverse museums, shares highlights of its collection, and describes how it is safeguarding its holdings.

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On Saturday we celebrated the birthday of Lesya Ukrainka. As an organization, we continuously work to commemorate her legacy. This year we wanted to highlight how relevant her words are today. Enjoy this beautiful video poem, read by our Soyuzianky and volunteers!

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