UNWLA Membership Recruitment & Retention Campaign: Thriving into the Future

The UNWLA Membership Recruitment and Retention Campaign officially begins now and continues through 2010.  We ask everyone’s support and involvement in this initiative.  The Campaign is being introduced in phases to address (1) the recruitment of new members, (2) building of new Branches, (3) increasing the ranks of Members-at-Large, and (4) strategies for retaining and strengthening the current membership.  

Phase I of the Campaign starts today!  Branches are being asked to conduct at least one recruitment event in 2009.  We sometimes hear from Branches that they tried recruitment events but were disappointed with the low turnout or lack of interest.  Perhaps prior attempts were not very successful because the timing was just not quite right or the method of inviting new recruits was not sufficiently expansive.  Please, cast the net again – this time wider and maybe into deeper waters.  First but foremost, identify the target audience and then customize the marketing strategy accordingly.  Yes – marketing strategy – we are selling a product: the opportunity and privilege of membership in a wonderful organization.  As members, we are fortunate to know and live this experience.  Branches would do well to identify members who are genuinely able to articulate their positive experiences, why they joined, and what benefits membership has brought them. 

Success can be achieved over time.  After sowing a “seed of interest,” care and attention are needed before the seed can sprout and grow.  Personal follow up contacts with attendees after a recruiting event tells them they are important to UNWLA.  It often requires a number of calls and letters over a period of time – but eventually it will work! 

A UNWLA Membership Recruitment Kit has been developed to assist Branches in recruiting new members.  It is divided into sections to lead a Branch through the steps involved in holding a successful member recruitment event.  Every suggestion offered is just that – a suggestion.  Each community and each Branch is unique.  Branches may adopt or adapt the ideas presented in the kit that best suit their situation.  Use imagination and, most importantly, have fun!  If you are having a good time, your guests will too.  And please remember that you are never alone.  UNWLA officers and organizational chairs at the Regional and National level are ready and willing to help.  Recruiting new members is critical to ensuring our continued success and requires a concerted effort from all levels of our organization.   

Request your kit today by contacting Christine Boyko, by email at or by phone at 602-882-1552.  The materials, in both Ukrainian and English, are available on CD and in printed form. We look forward to working with you!  

Sincerely wishing you a successful campaign!

Christine Boyko                                                                                    Marianna Zajac 

 Second Vice President                                                                       UNWLA President

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