What are the benefits of belonging to UNWLA?

Membership in the UNWLA affords women of Ukrainian descent or affiliation the opportunity to:

How can I become a member?

The UNWLA has about 80 Branches throughout the United States and we can refer you to the nearest Branch.( For contact information click here).   If there is no Branch within your geographical area, you have the option to become a Member-at-Large. You can find a membership application form on this website. (Click here to link to membership application)

What are my financial responsibilities?

Each Branch sets the amount of member annual dues.  The average is approximately $50.00 per year, usually paid in January.  Dues include a subscription to “Our Life” (Nashe Zhyttia), a bilingual magazine published in eleven issues.

What are the membership obligations?

The duties of members fall into four main categories:

I do not speak or read in Ukrainian – can I still become a member?

Yes - There are many Branches with members whose primary language is English.

Where is the UNWLA headquarters?

We are located in New York City and our address and email is:

203 Second Ave.
New York, NY 10003