Our Purpose

The purpose of UNWLA, Inc. is to unite women of Ukrainian descent and those affiliated with the Ukrainian community in order to:

The UNWLA shall be guided in its activities by the principles of Christian ethics, religious tolerance, and political non-partisanship and shall also support the principles of human rights.


"Come Grow with US”

 Charitable and Cultural Organization In Existence Since 1925

Unites Women of Ukrainian descent as well as those who are active in the Ukrainian communities of the United States of America.

Active in providing assistance to people in Ukraine stricken by natural disasters and emergencies, such as the Chornobyl nuclear disaster.

Has donated millions of dollars granting scholarships to needy individuals in Ukraine and the diaspora.

Provides aid to orphans and elderly women, continues to disseminate accurate information about Ukraine and Ukrainians and corrects viagra media misinformation about the country and its people.

Promotes the preservation of Ukrainian national identity, cultural heritage, and ethnic traditions in the United States.

Founded The Ukrainian Museum in New York City and presented it as a gift to the Ukrainian community.  Retains 51% of the votes on the Board of Directors of the Museum..

We Respect our Past

Treasure the Present

Work for the Future